Tesco has three champagnes at £8 a bottle

Tesco has slashed the price of three of its ‘exclusive label’ champagnes to just £8 a bottle until 2nd January. Louis Delaunay Brut and Brut Rosé NV, plus Andre Carpentier all come down to only £8 for a single bottle purchase. This is a price below the cost of production, even before the effective post-Brexit devaluation of sterling against the euro. Aldi on line has also cut the price of its Veuve Monsigny Brut to £47.94 per case of six, which is equivalent to £7.99 a bottle. The next nearest in price are ASDA, Morrisons and Lidl all at around the £9.99/£10 mark.

At Sainsbury’s, which has run some of the biggest discounts in 2016, their two superior own label styles — Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs – at £16 a bottle still look like pretty good value. The top reasonably priced vintage champagne around is probably Waitrose’s Special Réserve Brut Vintage 2005, now down to £19.99 a bottle and one of the best offerings at Continue reading “Tesco has three champagnes at £8 a bottle”

Moët & Chandon Brut Grand Vintage 2008

In a previous interview with Benoït Gouez, the chef de cave at Moët & Chandon, when I asked about the, as yet unreleased Moët vintages in the Epernay cellars, he expressed a strong preference for 2009 over the much more acidic 2008. Two years on, at a time when many other major producers have released their 2008s, how does it compare with the previous ample and forward 2006 vintage?

Moet & Chandon chef de cave Benoit Gouez
Moet & Chandon chef de cave Benoit Gouez

It’s much tighter and fresher, as Gouez himself says, it very much majors on a bright, grapefruit-lifted, zestiness, more linear than either the 2006 or 2004 that preceded it. But with time in the glass a distinctive, almost exotic cinnamon spiciness appears. What is immediately appealing is the tang of refreshing acidity. However, this is a wine that really needs more time in bottle to reach anything like its true potential and at this Continue reading “Moët & Chandon Brut Grand Vintage 2008”

Decent fizz under £15 a bottle makes a dramatic entrance

The 25% off battle for customers between Sainsbury’s and

Do you favour the fresness of Chardonnay or the depth and richness of Pinot?
Do you favour the freshness of Chardonnay or the depth and richness of Pinot?

Tesco is hotting up from today (23 November) with Continue reading “Decent fizz under £15 a bottle makes a dramatic entrance”

Harder to find decent fizz under £15, but Lidl £3.99 halves decent

Tasting the two cheapest offerings at Sainsbury’s and Tesco last week –Bissinger half bottleLouis Delaunay and Antoine de Clevecy – was not the most exciting experience. As the pound now buys rather less today, post-Brexit, it’s even harder for the large UK retailers to find champagne worthy of the name at much under £15 a bottle. If you want excitement in your glass of fizz, you have to pay more than this and probably look beyond most of the grocers to find it. But Lidl has some half bottles Bissinger Brut NV at just £3.99 a half bottle from yesterday (18 November) which is certainly quite an improvement of the above two offerings.

The best wine I’ve had at under £15 a bottle recently is De Telmont’s generously rich, characterful Grande Réserve Brut, currently ridiculously cheaply priced at just £14.99 in Majestic (Mix Six price). Wines from some of the best co-ops, like Le Mesnil, or growers’ champagnes are worth seeking out, look at the updated Merchant Offers for some suggestions.

Tesco cuts single bottle price to £9 for three days

The battle for customers continues among the grocers, with Tesco Louis Delaunay Champagne (002)introducing new offers on Tuesday (8 November) including GH Mumm at £20 and Lanson Rosé for £25 and this morning (10 November) it cut the price of its exclusive label Louis Delaunay Brut to just £9 a bottle for three days until Saturday (12 November) or while stocks last. The quality of this Continue reading “Tesco cuts single bottle price to £9 for three days”

Try something different or bag a top-flight bargain

Waitrose has by some way the widest selection of sparkling wines and champagnes among the main UK grocers and has introduced some further exciting lines recently, mostly only available through its on-line Waitrose Cellar operation which runs to 63 different champagnes. While the current 25% off promotion is running — until next Tuesday 8 November — this is a great opportunity to try some of these at a bargain price. In addition, there are some attractive deals on some prestigious names, rarely Continue reading “Try something different or bag a top-flight bargain”

Gosset Celebris tasting: 1988 to 2004

Gosset glass launch pic BOver the years I’ve come to like the champagnes made by Gosset more and more. As Didier Gimonnet said to me on a recent visit to Cuis, producers should be judged on the quality of their whole range, not merely on one super-charged cuvée that they produce in minute quantities, as he suggested some commentators are apt to do. But as with the excellent Gimonnet wines, I’d be very happy drinking any Gosset champagnes, Continue reading “Gosset Celebris tasting: 1988 to 2004”