Every time I have met Giles, our meetings have always led to impassioned conversations. Besides details, technicalities and even tasting notes, all of which he masters with immense talent, I have always enjoyed Giles’s obsessive will to understand everything ‘behind the scenes’. I have also always been impressed by his impatience to share what he just learnt. There is not a new cuvée or snippet of news that we shared that Giles hasn’t immediately forwarded to his followers. Obviously this new website will be an even more efficient medium, allowing champagne lovers to feel even closer to their favourite drink. It will also challenge each of us to be even more transparent in the way we share information about our art.

I raise a glass of my dear Grande Cuvée to your happy success, Giles, and I wish you good luck.

Olivier Krug

I have known Giles Fallowfield for more than twenty years. During that time I have always been extremely impressed by his high journalistic professionalism and his deep wine knowledge; especially on the matter of Champagne. Indeed, I regularly read the different Champagne articles that Giles writes for leading wine publications and found these articles a great source of information; always precise, challenging and most interesting to read.

Gerard Basset MW, MS, Msc
Owner, Hotel TerraVina

I have known Giles for a long time and have always enjoyed our spirited and stimulating relationship (hopefully with mutual benefit). Giles has such knowledge and passion for Champagne: so professional, so informed, with great insight on virtually anything about the region. Even more special is his unique skill of integrating all aspects of the business, from the dry subjects of viticulture to the subtleties of the local economy. I am well aware that Giles likes (trying) to keep me on my toes by asking pertinent and searching questions, always with a great sense of humour (which I don’t always fully understand). But what counts most to me is Giles’ true love and support of the wines of our region. Thank you Giles, on behalf of everybody here in Champagne.

Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave, Dom Pérignon

If I want to know anything about Champagne, Giles is the man I turn to.



Oz Clarke, author, journalist and broadcaster, arguably Britain’s most popular wine writer

Giles was the champagne consultant for Oz Clarke’s annual Pocket Wine Book for 16 years between 2001 and 2016, the last version that was published.