Break out the ‘Shampoo’  

Champagne is particularly good for blondes and redheads. Not to drink you fool, but to wash your hair with. Apparently, according to the Daily Mail, “rinsing your hair with ‘fresh’ champagne [as opposed to stale or flat champagne presumably] to ramp up the shimmer and enhance the golden strands is now the ‘in thing’,”. The paper claims: “This has long been a secret trick used by Hollywood starlets to add extra gleam.” That’s presumably why Kate Moss is renowned for bathing in it; for the sake of her hair.

Decadent though it sounds, they say there is a science behind it. “The antioxidants and toning properties found in champagne grapes boost colour and the carbonation plumps strands and promotes shine.” Leaving aside the Mail’s sketchy understanding of the Champagne process, that’s obviously where I have been going wrong over the past few years. I’ve made the mistake of drinking it when I should have been combing it through my rapidly departing locks.

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